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Evaluate maintains detailed, comprehensive coverage of over 90,000 marketed and R&D products. Our coverage includes proprietary classifications such as NME, NDA, Generic, Orphan, OTC, and more. There are over 300 sales fields per product with Worldwide, USA, Europe, Japan, Quarterly, Half-Year, Revenues, Market Share and Ranking information

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Product summary page

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Product Summary Page



Product Detail Summary

From a product summary page, you can access high-level information via the Analysis, Reports and News tabs in the main view, as well as use the navigation menu on the left-hand side of the page to explore a particular topic in more detail.

Product detail

Each product will have a Product Detail Summary which takes an in-depth look at a product. The summary shows numerous classifications such as therapy area, technology, strategy, patent number, sales, and indication information. For example, the screenshot below shows the various ways in which Revlimid has been tagged and linked throughout Evaluate. Click on one of the categories, such as Myelodysplastic Syndrome (Indication), to see how Revlimid compares to other products with the same indication.

Product related FAQs

Does Evaluate cover Generics?

Evaluate does not cover all generic products. The product portfolio only covers the commercially significant generics for a company (those that disclose sales data for which specific information is disclosed by the company). Therefore sales data for generic products is available in Evaluate, but it is not as comprehensive as it is for branded products

How does Evaluate tag Phase I/II or Phase II/III products?

We primarily source our phase of development information of a product from 2 types of sources:

       -  Company disclosed information and clinicaltrials.gov. If an official company source lists the product as            Phase I/II, we select Phase II. If an official company sources lists the product as Phase II/III, we select            Phase III.

       -  For clinicaltrials.gov, since Phase I/II and Phase II/III clinical trials are testing several factors, we look at           the Official Title of the trail. If the Official Title states a specific phase, we will use that phase and double           check the phase of the Official Trial with a company press release

What is the methodology behind classifying drugs as "suspended" or "abandoned"?

A product is listed as “suspended” when a company announces that they have paused the development of a product. A product can be listed as “Abandoned” using 3 different methods:

       -  If a product’s rights are returned to the original licensor or collaborator, we will classify the drug as           “abandoned” for a specific company.

       -  If the product is in Pre-clinical to Phase II, we categorize the product as Abandoned after 2 years of           finding no public updates on the drug. If the product is in Phase III to Filed, we categorize the product as           Abandoned after 1 year of finding no public updates on the drug.

       -  If the company announces that they have terminated/abandoned the development of a product, we will           update Evaluate to reflect this status