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Consensus Forecast to 2024


Lead Asset


Mechanism of Action


Consensus Commentary

Evaluate is constantly updating and expanding our data to provide our users with the best and most informative experience possible. Below you will find information and links related to our most recent enhancements

Consensus Forecast Extended to 2024

All consensus sales forecasts have been extended from 2022 to 2024.

This extension allows for:

Coverage Changes

Reports Extended to 2024

Lead Asset

EvaluatePharma has created the first rules-based methodology and iconography to define and easily identify the lead asset in a company’s portfolio.

How Lead Asset Adds Value:

Lead Asset Video Link

Lead Asset Summary Page Link

Mechanism of Action

EvaluatePharma has launched new mechanism of action classification across all indications.

The Mechanism of Action (MoA) Classification and accompanying analyses provide a critical lens to monitor and gain insight to the market and competitive landscape, track innovation and identify research and commercial activity around an MoA.


Mechanism of Action Video Link

Mechanism of Action Summary Page Link

Mechanism of Action Methodology Link

Product Level Consensus Commentary

The new product-level commentary added to Evaluate provides timely context to the most significant monthly changes in Consensus Forecast.


Use Cases

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