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Evaluate provides timely news and analysis to assist you in staying up to data on product, company, and industry activity. In addition to providing coverage of company press releases on product approvals, clinical trial results, and financial performance, we also offer original commentary and analysis from our Vantage journalist team, as well as publish regular white papers.

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White Papers and Thought Leadership


You can search for news using the Search field on the Evaluate Welcome page or access news relevant to a company, product, or other topic via the summary page using the “News” link. In addition to linking the most recent press releases and Vantage commentary on that topic, the summary page view also organizes news by category, as shown in the screenshot below.

White Papers and Thought Leadership

In addition to daily news and commentary, Evaluate also publishes regular white papers on key industry topics and trends. You can access recent white papers, as well as our white paper archive, directly from the Evaluate Welcome page. Our best known white paper is the annual World Preview report, which provides a top-level level overview into the expected performance of the industry.

News Alerts and other notifications

If you are interested in receiving daily news notifications relating to key topics of interest, Evaluate offers several automated options to subscribers. These include: