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New Look Evaluate Features

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New Look Evaluate Highlights


New Look Evaluate Features


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We are soon to be launching a new look Evaluate.  With that redesign came some changes and adjustments on what you may be used to from the older version as compared to the New Look Evaluate redesign.

This page will highlight some of the key changes to help you adjust to using the new website design.  Should you have any specific questions, you can always reach out to your dedicated Client Support team member whose contact details can be found here.

New Look Evaluate Highlights

If you have any feedback on the new redesign or have additional items you would like to see, please feel free to email the design team directly at: product.voices@evaluategroup.com


New Look Evaluate Features

Welcome Page


Global Navigation and Menus




Single window website - no more pop ups

Summary Page - simplified, restructured, and with a fresh new look

The Welcome Page has a new look and layout, which is simplified by showcasing the Search option at the top of the page, front and center!  In addition, the new Analyze section appears at the top of the page, which better showcases the data available to you.

Also in the New Look Evaluate, we have reorganized the menus to be more user-friendly.  The New ‘Browse Data' menu contains access to data via various Evaluate categories.  The example below shows how to navigate to the Technology Category, specifically, Biotechnology - Monoclonal Antibody.  Again, it is always fixed in view.  Click Browse Menu to learn more about this feature

In the New Look Evaluate website, the Global Navigation and Menus are always available across the top of every page.  As you navigate through the website, the Navigation pane is fixed in view at the top of each page for easy access.  Previously in Evaluate 1.0, you would need to return to the Welcome Page to access the Report menu and other items as they did NOT follow throughout your navigation of the website.  That is no longer necessary!

In the New Look Evaluate site, all Searches and Reports load into the same window.  Using your Browser’s ‘back’ button will allow you to navigate back to the previous page.  Exceptions to the single window viewing are “Help” and “Contact Us” pages.  Our assumption is that Users would want to view those pages in isolation and opening in separate window would not interfere with any analysis.

The New Look Evaluate Search offers a faster search engine, with interactive results list and preview!  You will see improved results including ordering by relevance, and with the most popular categories at the top.  For more details on Search, visit the Using Search page in the Help Centre.  

Click here to view these Summary Page highlights


Report Builder - renamed to ‘Create Report’  

The report builder has been renamed to ‘CREATE REPORT’ and is available on the navigation bar at the top of the page.  Within this section, you are able to:

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