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European Drug Forecast *

Evaluate created the first EU dataset based on government and company-reported data, enabling a through market analysis of the EU landscape for forecasted and historic years

Mechanism of Action

Evaluate has leveraged external resources, industry standards and in-depth research to assigning products with a 4 tiered mechanism of action classification

Japan Drug Forecast* (English)

Evaluate has combined our consensus forecasts with historical sales and sales by indication for the Japanese market to create our Japanese Drug Forecast

Brazil Sales, Volume & Pricing

Evaluate has integrated Brazilian regulatory and public sales data to provide our clients with insight into emerging markets and the pricing and volume dynamic behind Brazilian drug sales

Evaluate employs rigorous methodologies to deliver strategic commercial analyses and strictly follows a standardized process to ensure high levels of data quality. These documents contain information around the sources used, coverage, and how data is processed (calculations, standardization, structures). Information around the methodologies used within the Evaluate Pharma & Biotech modules are listed below.

Uptake Curve Analysis

Evaluate provides an uptake curve analysis to benchmark launch performances of new assets and model the likely market penetration pattern of a new product as part of the forecasting process

Orphan Drug

Evaluate has identified all products with orphan designations based on analysis of the FDA (USA), EMA (Europe) and NIBIO (Japan) orphan designation data sets, and has integrated and standardized them

Pharma & Biotech



Evaluate created a Net Present Value tool to allow users to create, annotate and save multiple scenarios. The NPV module uses analyst consensus forecasts along with Evaluate’s algorithms for products across all major companies

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Mechanisms of Action Uptake Curve Orphan Drug Brazil_SVP NPV

* Denotes a module available through our Alpha or Add-on subscription level

Epi Analyzer*

Evaluate’s Epi Analyzer provides unique insights on the commercial value of an indication as well as patient populations, combining Evaluate’s expertise in consensus forecasts with a highly granular epidemiology database


Adverse Events*

The Adverse Events module monitors adverse events of post-marketed drugs and highlights potential changes to the FDA label. Changes to the label can impact prescribing patterns, patient compliance, marketing strategies and drug sales.


Japan Sales, Volume & Pricing

Evaluate integrated Japanese regulatory approvals, unit drug pricing and peak sales forecasts at launch to provide insight into the Japanese drug pricing and volume dynamic behind Japanese drug sales

Japan_SVP Japan_SVP

Consensus Forecast

Evaluate builds up product sales estimates from leading brokers, to create a consensus sales forecast

Consensus Forecast

Sales by Indication

Evaluate provides a Sales by Indication analysis on approximately 70% of the total Evaluate’s universe of products with sales to reveal the indication specific dynamic behind historic and forecast product sales

Sales by Indication

USA Sales, Volume & Pricing

Evaluate provides insight into the pricing and volume dynamic behind USA drug sales, integrating pricing and volume datasets and developing a proprietary methodology to reveal the volume and pricing measures on key drugs


Lead Asset

Evaluate has reviewed all companies and applied a robust rule-based methodology to define lead asset and introduced user-friendly icons to identify lead asset in a company portfolio at a glance

Mechanisms of Action

Company Classification

 EvaluatePharma allows for rapid peer-group analysis of companies, and they are categorised to facilitate this.

Outcomes Methodology

The Outcomes component of EvaluatePharma Vision provides comprehensive and timely analysis of clinical trial outcomes

PTRS Methodology

The PTRS component of EvaluatePharma Vision provides fully transparent success rates benchmarks at an industry level, and by indication, mechanism of action and technology

R&D Cost Methodology

The R&D cost component of EvaluatePharma Vision provides a directional estimate of the cost of running Phase I, II and III clinical trials at both a trial and a product level

Timelines Methodology

The Timelines component of EvaluatePharma Vision provides estimated phase progression and approval dates for products by indication

Japan Drug Forecast* (Japanese)

Evaluate has combined our consensus forecasts with historical sales and sales by indication for the Japanese market to create our Japanese Drug Forecast