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Evaluate tracks thousands of deals by company, product, therapy area, compound phase, deal value, and much more. Evaluate maintains historic deal data as well as venture financing and IPO information across pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Key data highlights

Top M&A Deals by Year

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Top M&A Deals by Year


Royalty, Alliance and Joint Venture Example


Top Venture Financing Deals by Year


Evaluate tracks the Top 10 pharmaceutical Merger & Acquisition deals each year, going back to 1995. M&A information can be filtered by the Acquiring Company, Deal Type (Company Acquisition, Majority Stake, Reverse Takeover…), Deal Value, and much more. In the screenshot below, we can see that in 2016 Shire’s acquisition of Baxalta had a deal value at over $32 billion

Top 10 Venture Financing Deals per Year

Evaluate captures Venture Financing information including Financing Round, Company Classification, Investment, and more. The screenshot below shows the Top 10 Venture Financing Deals in 2012. Our Venture Financing data is linked to press releases and sources. This analysis allows users to drill down quickly to reveal investors, lead investors and profiles.

Royalty, Alliance & Joint Venture Example

Evaluate breaks out sales to demonstrate where companies are receiving Royalty, Alliance & Joint Venture revenues. This information is available at a company and product level.

The screenshot below shows the Royalty, Alliance & JV revenues being received by Johnson & Johnson

The screenshot below shows the Royalty, Alliance & JV revenues associated with Imbruvica. We can see the historic relationship of the various companies associated with Imbruvica, as well as how much each is getting by way of Royalty, Alliance, and JV revenue streams.

Deal related FAQs

Do sales include Royalties and Alliance Revenues?

Royalty and Alliance Revenue for a product are reported separately from sales. The Royalty and Alliance Revenue reported for a product is not additive to sales, as it is already included in the revenue of another company. Evaluate breaks out the Royalty and Alliance Revenue to detail the relationship between the companies involved in the product

What sources does Evaluate use for Venture Financing information?

Evaluate collects VF information from press releases, company websites, SEC documents (including Form D SEC filings), and stock exchange websites