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Evaluate maintains detailed, comprehensive coverage of nearly 7,000 pharmaceutical and biotech companies, including both private and public companies.

Key data highlights

Company summary page

From this page, you can access high-level information via the Analysis, Reports and News tabs in the main view, as well as use the navigation menu on the left-hand side of the page to explore a particular topic in more detail.

Company portfolio information

Evaluate offers several ways to analyze a company’s product portfolio, including by the phase of development, historic or future sales value, therapy area, etc. You can open one of the many pre-built product reports available for a company to begin an analysis. For example, the screenshot below shows a report that ranks products based on their forecasted sales in 2022, and includes information on the current phase of each product.

In addition to looking at the individual products records, you can also analyze a company’s product portfolio in aggregate. For example, the graph below shows cumulative historic and forecasted sales based on the strategy by which the company came to have rights to the product, allowing for an analysis of the company’s future growth strategies.

Company financials

Company financials are available via the company summary page, and can be easily exported to Excel for further analysis. Among the financials available are company P&Ls, balance sheet and margin analyses, and free cash flow. EvaluatePharma also offers reports that break out historic and forecast revenues by business segment and revenue type (sales, alliance, royalty, etc.).

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Company related FAQs

 What is the methodology for assigning the categorizations for company classifications?

There currently is no standardized or generally accepted definition of categories in the industry, and definitions vary according to the source. In Evaluate we have attempted to classify companies into broad peer groups of similar entities. As with any subjective classification system, the resulting peer group should be viewed as a starting point, and adjusted according to your individual needs. See the attached document below for further details. The order in which the classifications appear for a company (for Example Pfizer is classified as a Global Major (Pharma), Generic, and MedTech) is listed in order of significance.

How does Evaluate display sales information when a company’s fiscal year is different from a calendar year?

In general, for companies with non-December year ends, Evaluate attributes revenue to the calendar year in which most of the revenues/expenses are earned. For example, Takeda's fiscal year runs from Apr-Mar so the sales in year 2018 represents revenue earned from Apr 2018 thru Mar 2019. For consensus sales forecast, the equity research analysts tend to forecast based on a company's fiscal year