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Alpha & Add-on Products

Evaluate can provide you with additional modules for a more expanded and granular view of the pharmaceutical sector

Clinical Trials

   Evaluate’s Clinical Trials module covers company, product, therapeutic area, indication, sales, and R&D pipeline information,

   allowing users to analyze the global clinical trial landscape

Calendar of Events

   Calendar of Events identifies future critical events related to the product life cycle and provides company guidance around    timelines, giving you the power to understand the future value drivers of the pharmaceutical and biotech industry

European Drug Forecasts

   Evaluate has created the first standardised consensus based drug forecast for Europe. This module looks at European

   market sizing, R&D information, and price comparison utilising real world government and company reported sales

NPV Analyzer

   The NPV Analyzer gives user the ability to customize assumptions for any product NPV such as sales data, patent expiry,

   cost of capital and tax rates to model the impact of major events on product valuation

Archived Forecasts

   Archived Forecasts allows users to see the historic progression of a product through R&D phases and their corresponding

   change in sales going back to January 2003

Adverse Events

   The Adverse Events module helps users understand emerging adverse event trends and conduct comparative safety

   assessments of drugs by looking at the statistical severity rankings and the ability to predict future regulatory action

Event Analyzer

   The Event Analyzer provides users with insight into the market events impacting global company share prices. Events are

   categorized into 100 unique Event Type classifications to see the impact and related news flow

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Epi Analyzer

   Evaluate’s Epi Analyzer provides unique insights on the commercial value of an indication as well as patient populations,

   combining Evaluate’s expertise in consensus forecasts with a highly granular epidemiology database

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Japan Drug Forecast

   Evaluate integrated Japanese regulatory approvals, unit drug pricing and peak sales forecasts at launch to provide insight

   into the Japanese drug pricing and volume dynamic behind Japanese drug sales

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