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You are currently accessing our secondary server. All data is up to date but some features may not be available.


Welcome to EvaluatePharma2, the back-up server for clients of Evaluate Ltd.

This site is offered to clients and other full users of in the event that the main Evaluate Ltd website is unavailable for any reason.

  • On EvaluatePharma2, we provide the latest data from but with reduced site functionality.
  • You can run all existing reports, including any that you have created and saved previously under My Reports.
  • You can also build new reports, and export reports to Excel, but it is not possible to save new reports on this site.

  • Data Alerts and News Alerts will not be delivered until the main site is restored.
  • You will not be able to save any preferences under My Account, My Portfolio, or on the Tools menu (e.g. to manage News or Data Alerts).
  • However, changes to e.g. currency will be maintained for the duration of your active session on EvaluatePharma2.

Login as usual, with the user Name and Password that you use on

If you need help with your login details, please contact Client Support.

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